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AlfaStrakhovanie group is one of the five leading companies in the Russian insurance market. It has more than 400 offices all over Russia and has 25 years of experience in the insurance industry.

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Medical Insurance Russia

How to buy online: Select the dates and the number of travelers and the system will automatically provide the total cost of health insurance.

Medical insurance Russia.

One of the requirements for obtaining a Russian visa is the presence of a valid Russian medical insurance policy.

The Russian insurance policy must be valid on the territory of the Russian Federation and cover the validity of the visa.

Our insurance policies cover medical expenses of 30.000 euros.

By purchasing our insurance policy, you will be able to receive emergency medical care and compensation for the costs incurred, including medicines, transport and urgent treatment on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Our insurance policy has its force during a period of validity of the contract and covers expenses, including those caused by CoVID-19 disease:

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Russia Travel Insurance Visa

Vfs Russia Visa Application Center, Visa Center for Russia Vhs and the Russian Consulate in your country accept our electronic insurance policies.

Important when printing your insurance results stamp and signature of the insurer.

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Our insurance policy contains the following information:

What does the medical insurance policy include?