Date of release: 01.02.2024
Prepared and Approved by: Rosario Onorato


1. What are Cookies?
HTTPS – Cookie (HTTPS cookie), or simply “cookie”, is a package of information, in a separate or general
file stored on our computer, depending on the browser used, sent from a Web server to an Internet
browser, such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome,
etc., and then returned by the browser every time you access this server. A cookie stays on your
device for use in a next session and may be deleted in the meantime. If you use more than one
browser, each one of them has a separate cookie storage area. Cookies do not apply specifically to
you, but to a combination of a device and an internet browser that can identify you indirectly with a
particular device since cookies do not differentiate between individual users sharing the same device
and browser, unless they have different user profiles.

2. What data do we collect?
We don’t collect and analyse information from cookies. The technically recorded data may only be
used to achieve compliance with applicable law and to cooperate with law enforcement authorities.
We do not share this information with Third parties – Service Providers and Advertisers. We use
cookies only to store software settings and preferences.

3. Tracking devices
We do not use other standard technologies, such as pixel tags (Facebook) and other Internet
markings (“web beacons”), to track the way you use our website.

4. Does anyone else use cookies on our website?
When you visit our website, we and/or Thirty parties – Service Providers and Advertisers, we do not
collect/they do not collect such information through the use of electronic tools, such as cookies and other Internet markings (“web beacons”), or a pixels indication (“tag”).
All modern browsers allow you to change cookie settings. You can usually find these settings in the
Options or Preferences menu on your browser. To get acquainted with these settings, the following
links can help you or you can use the Help buttons from your browser menus for more details.

5. How to turn off cookies?
● Cookies in GoogleChrome;
● Cookies in Mozilla Firefox;
● Cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer;
● Cookies in Apple Safari / iOS.
If you are worried most about third party advertising cookies generated by advertisers, you can
exclude them from here: YourOnlineChoicessite.
Please note that if you choose to stop cookies, certain sections of our site and / or software
platforms may not work properly.

6. Does ALFA PRIME SERVICE Ltd use cookies that contain your personal data?
The cookies we use can collect information about your IP address and your email that we do not
disclose to third parties.

7. Additional information
More information about how business uses cookies is available on:

8. Document validity and management
This document enters into force on 01.02.2024.
The administrator of this document is the Data Protection Officer who is obliged to carry out a review and, if necessary, update this document at least once a year.
Data Protection Officer
Rosario Onorato